15 Oct

When to Leave a full time job and become an entrepreneur?

leave a jobSometimes a full time job is not the right path to being happy. I expect most people have or have spent most of their life in a full time job. Even if you retrain to do something different, that you expect you will enjoy you are still having to work on someone else terms.

I’ve always had a job. No, I’ve always had a source of income. I decided early in life that the best way to succeed in this world is to run your own business. When I was just 15 years old, I discovered that if I found a need, and filled it, I had created my career. It was probably into the late 1970′s that I had even heard the word “entrepreneur”. But being a word that I didn’t know, I just had to look it up. And I then realized that was what I was.

The unfortunate part. I had to take a job to support my mom after my dad passed away. I was so busy earning enough money to pay the bills, that I didn’t have time or money to pursue any type of business start-up of my own. I did find a way. I started a part time business in my days off, and by appointment. Which allowed me to work selectively on my own venture.

Well, it failed. I just didn’t give it the time it takes to operate a business. So I stayed in a steady income producing job for a number of years. Then the economy tanked. My job disappeared. Like so many other guys jobs. The competition was on. Jobs were hard to find. The career I had desired eluded me. I went from job to job. Just barely scraping by. I hated it, but I seemed stuck in it. Several years went by. I finally landed a pretty good factory job. It didn’t pay that well, but at the time you were happy to earn anything, including minimum wage. Well, I worked my way up from sweeping floors to Machine Operator. It took five years. I was still just scraping by.

I made a plan that by the end of the decade, it was the late 1970′s I was going to move to California to get a new start. I saw California as a fertile new land with endless possibilities. I had a good outlook about California. And when I got there, What did I do? I took a job.

It took me years before I took the step to leave the security blanket of a job with a pretty much guaranteed weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. But I just never got ahead. Worse yet, I hated my job, my life, everything. I was miserable. I hated myself. For giving up on my dreams. I didn’t have a lot of money, only a small savings account. A very small fund to draw from. It wasn’t really enough to start a business. But sometimes you have to take a risk. I’ve never been much of a risk taker. I always plan things out. Over plan to be honest. But I did it. I quit my job. And if you think that was easy, whoa! I was scared to death. But I had this idea that “I will survive”.

If I put myself in a position where I have no choice but, to “go for it”. I saw it as a desperation move to force myself into action. It worked. I was just desperate enough to succeed. And I loved it. Of course after a while I got somewhat bored, I decided I wanted to try something new. But now I had resources. I sold my business, and started a new one. it was a lot easier with money to back me up. That’s when I realized I had achieved my dream to be an Entrepenuer. I look back now that I’m retired, and I wish I had taken that step much earlier in my life. I allowed fear to keep me from doing what I needed to do. My life could have been much more fruitful, and much more enjoyable, had I taken the risk earlier in my life. I’m glad I didn’t put it off any longer.